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Continue Shopping Button Not Displaying

    Jul 08 2011 07:46:27



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    Just noticed that sometimes our "continue shopping" button does not display on the page after you add a product.

    Any suggestions on what to check to ensure that the 'continue shopping' button is always displaying would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    Jul 08 2011 08:18:49



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    If you include a return value in your form or link it will result in a Continue shopping button.

    See 'Support' top right, then 'Creating Buy now buttons', then choose link or form.

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Jul 08 2011 12:52:55


    Debbie Q

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    If the continue shopping button is not showing in the cart that product does not have a return value in the product code. For forms <input type="hidden" name="return" value=""> for hyperlinks &

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    Jul 08 2011 19:08:18



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    Thanks! I'll check that, though I thought I DID have a "return" value specified for every product, even if only the homepage. Anyway, thank you!