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Help Please Remote Call Php Mysql basic script

    Dec 26 2008 16:50:57



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    I would like to use remote call to write the order information into a mysql table. So, I downloaded the remote call example from the help pages but I am not able to get it to work.

    I am able to connect to the mysql database and insert hard-coded information but I can't get the information from the variables/field list

    eg The following will insert my hard coded username and id but will not insert the inv_name

    mysql_query("INSERT INTO myorders (username, id, name)
    VALUES ('E77778', 456, '$inv_name')");

    What am I not doing right. Do I have to do something special with the inv_name field like declare it somewhere and how do I do that. I am a novice.

    Thank-you for any help. I have been at this for a week and only progressed to hard-coded info which is not useful at all.

    Dec 26 2008 17:38:07



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    I finally got it to work
    I changed the remote call method to POST and I added this to my script


    It works now, I hope

    Jan 19 2009 14:39:58



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    Hi there,

    I am trying to do the same as yourself however i cant get it to work do you have any demo scripts? to compare? I downloaded the ones from mals but it just isnt working, i am also a sql newbie any help owuld be appreciated as it is driving me mad!!!