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Re:How to add a File UPLOAD control to an item

    Jul 13 2011 02:37:10



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    mjh said Debbie Q said This would be something built into your website. Not something Mal's does.

    Hmmm... seems my post didn't get posted.

    I was led to believe that Mal's Cart offered a file upload when placing an item in the cart.

    Seems like it would be a two step process and the inevitable task of coordinating the form content will a file attachment and the ordered item with payment.

    Do you have a method to suggest to make this a bit easier?

    By the way, I spend some time on your rather comprehensive site tonight. It looks like you've been doing e-commerce for quite a while.



    What a small world!

    I'm less than 100 miles south and west of you on I-94 in Jackson County.