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Shopper ID - Order number - Item # - Invoice ID

    Jul 16 2011 03:34:30



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    The proper name for a customer order is Order Number. Mal uses Shopper ID. When processing the payment to PayPal, Order Number and Item # are shown. When Pay Pal send an email confirmation of payment to the customer, Order Number, Item #, and Invoice ID are shown. They are all the same number. It is confusing to me and I know what I'm doing. I know it must be confusing to the customer.

    Is there a way to only use Order Number? If not is there a way to only use Shopper ID? Also, how do I delete Item # from the PayPal documents? I asked PayPal about this and they said they are only printing what Mals is sending to them.

    Jul 23 2011 15:41:38



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    This topic has received no responses; therefore, it is unlikely that anything can be done.


    but anyone can still post a comment if you want to do so.

    Jul 23 2011 20:21:28


    Debbie Q

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    Questions like this are best emailed directly to Mal. He does not check the forum very often. As of now most likely nothing can be done but only Mal can decide if it is worth adding it to the "wish list"

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