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A global "View Shopping Cart" link with the "Continue Shopping" to go back to the previous page.

    Jul 21 2011 21:46:32


    Cousin Jack

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    I would like to add a "View Shopping Cart" link to the top of every page on my website (I think the term is "global"), so that the user can view their cart from any/every page (for instance, from the "Contact" page).

    The tricky part I'm up against is figuring out how to get the "Continue Shopping button" in the shopping cart to go back to the page the user just left from (for instance, the Contact page). Is it possible with a single return value? Or do I have to code every page with it's own href url in the return value?

    I tried this javascript idea, but it did not work.

    <A HREF=""><br />View Cart </A>

    Any thoughts?

    Jul 22 2011 00:52:36


    Debbie Q

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    Debbie Q

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    Jul 22 2011 18:24:06


    Cousin Jack

    Join date : 2011-07-21      Posts : 20

    Thanks! That did the trick.