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iDevAffiliate - how does it integrate with Mal's?

    Jul 25 2011 12:24:30



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    I am thinking of using iDevAffiliate in my Mals-e shop. iDevAffiliate has an option that the customer is told (offline) to visit to a special page where he/she can enter a 'promotional code'. By entering that code, the customer gets a discount, but the code is basically the affiliate ID (so we know which affiliate gets the commision).

    iDev claims that they have an integration with Mals-e. We use the PriceOptions script ( and my question is: does anybody know if iDevAffiliate will work with the combination Mals-e and PriceOptions? How and where is the discount for the customer calculated?

    Does anybody have experience with this? Many thanks!


    Jul 25 2011 14:12:37



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    Idevaffiliate for Mals works nicely. The commissions will be based on what value gets charged, if your price options are hitting before the final checkout - that shld be fine.


    Jul 27 2011 23:29:35



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    Thanks Richard!