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Re:how to "out of stock" a button

    Jul 28 2011 20:06:23



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    Debbies last idea is almost what we do and it works really well.

    Before the form tag we have a coment - something like
    <!-- teddy eye cart start -->

    after the </form> tag we have
    <!-- teddy eye cart end-->

    When an item goes out of stock we take off the > at the end of the first comment line so it reads
    <!-- teddy eye cart start --
    That causes everything after that until the next --> (after the form) to be hidden.

    We usually put a Out of Stock note just before the first comment too so that people know why there is no BUY button.

    It is then very easy to remove the Out of Stock note and add the > back in to 'unhide' the cart

    It is much easier than it sound :-)

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