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Re:PHPMail function

    Jul 30 2011 15:54:08



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    The following is the email we got, although they have changed the deadline because so many people got annoyed at the short notice (1 week). To be honest - I have no idea if my site uses PHPMail anyway so will just have to check it when it changes. Have a forum and guestbook but no contact form so prob won't be affected. If anyone can shed any light (I know it is not Mal's but trust you lot - especially GT & Debbie Q) I would be grateful :-)

    "This email is to notify that we would be disabling PHPMail function on all our Linux Shared Hosting Servers effective 29th July 2011. During the server audits we conducted after the recent mail issues faced by many of our Linux Shared Hosting customers, we found out that
    many spam emails were being sent out from the server using different spamming scripts with the help of PHPMail function. This resulted in mail server IPs being blocked in many RBLs/ACLs and the legitimate emails were also being rejected as a result of this.

    In order to avoid any further blacklisting of IPs or other email issues, we are disabling the PHPMail function on all our Linux Shared Hosting Servers by 28th July 2011. If you are using PHPMail function, you will need to update the scripts and use SMTP authentication. Emails won't be sent out from these servers without enabling SMTP authentication. We
    request you to update the scripts before 29th July 2011 in order to avoid any inconvenience as these changes will come into effect on all Linux Shared Servers by then."

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