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price vs. discountpr vs. productpr

    Aug 04 2011 22:11:26


    Cousin Jack

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    Just an observation.

    It took a while of figuring it out, but I noticed that if I use "price" in a field, click submit, continue shopping and add the same product again, a new line will show up in the cart, as opposed to adding it to the same product line.



    If I use discountpr or productpr, it adds it to the same product line.



    Is that the way the database is intended to work? No, big deal, but it had me working/looking at my code for an hour or so thinking it was messed up. Which in turn, might make customers think something is messed up.

    Maybe, maybe not?

    Aug 05 2011 01:48:30


    Debbie Q

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    This has been noted before. I never had a customer question it tho. As long as all their stuff shows they don't care if it is lumped together or not. Lumping it together just makes it easier for us merchents. It would be nice if it always lumped it together.

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    Aug 05 2011 06:35:55



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    The original product/price and productpr have never combined for me.

    When discountpr was implemented it had to for obvious reasons, if all options were identical.

    And I believe if the scode is the same, regardless of whether product or options are the same. Working as designed or a bug!!

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