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mTracker URL Redirect

    Aug 08 2011 03:20:37



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    When setting up mTracker, there is an input field entitled
    "for more information about your program" I entered an address starting with http://

    This address creates a link in 3 places.
    1) mTracker Sign Up -- To return click here
    2) mTracker Affiliate Login -- You can find more information about this program click here
    3) mTracker Affiliate Login -- LOG OUT

    The links in (1) and (2) work but does not work for (3). The problem is that the link in (3) contains http:// twice like this http://http://

    When I go back to mTracker Set Up and remove http:// from the address, (3) works but (1) and (2) do not work.

    This is what should happen:
    When in Set Up, the link should be set to allow (1) and (2) to work because these 2 links should be controlled by the person with the shopping cart account to direct the affiliate where to go. After the affiliate is set up and the process is working, when the affiliate is logging out from his mTracker Admin area, the affiliate should be able to set where he/she wants to go. He/she should be allowed to be directed to his website or to wherever he/she wants to go to figure out his/her payments.

    Now, how do I get (3) to become an input field for the affiliate or at least function in some manner?

    Aug 08 2011 14:37:00


    Debbie Q

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    I only recall that link showing in one place but if it is showing in 3 and they are not consistant you need to email Mal about it so he can fix it.

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    Aug 08 2011 22:33:49



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    I will send an email to Mal about it. I'll let you know what happens.