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Multiple products with same volume discount for the product category

    Aug 23 2011 21:51:53


    Cousin Jack

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    Here's the scenario... I have 7 different products for sale in one category. From the category "Flower Seed Packets," the customer orders the following:

    30 Wildflower Seed Packets,
    45 Daisy Seed Packets,
    75 Poppy Seed Packets,

    The prices for the flower seed packets are:

    1 to 99 for $.36 each seed packet
    100 to 499 for $.33 each seed packet
    500 to 999 for $.30 each seed packet
    1,000 or more for $.27 each seed packet

    How do I discount for the total volume of flower seed packets if they're a mix of different packets?

    I found this It's close, but not quite what I'm looking for. I would need the quantity to be easily updated by the customer as they shop.

    Aug 24 2011 04:55:55



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    That form does allow the buyer to update, on that page.

    I cannot think of any other way of doing it.

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