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Re:Color dropdown does not appear

    Aug 26 2011 07:17:15



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    Hi i'm back again.

    The idea is to display multiple products on the same "Order Now" page.

    Since we are a fabric shop, the idea is to have a multiple items, and a drop down menu to select the colors.

    Here's the thing, the customer will need to select a checkbox to select a product, then use the drop down menu to select the colors, and enter quantity in the text box.

    An after the customer has made selections for a few items (or even one item) the customer clicks like a "Add All to cart"

    I have messed up the code trying to figure this out. The thing is, I'd like the item to post to the cart only if the checkbox is selected. How do i do this? Anyone got a sample form? I'm checked Mals Forms, copied and pasted, manipulated the code, but really, not successful at all.

    Please help.