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Re:Standard and Express Shipping for Each Item

    Sep 02 2011 09:54:41



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    Alan thank you so much for replying back to my question so quickly!!! I tell you I thought I was in the home stretch of finally launching my site but I tell you I am REALLY stumped on this shipping thing! I figured out how to add the buttons to my WYSIWYG site but this is my last hurdle and it's really got my head hurting. I don't know why I can't seem to understand it or wrap my head around it??? After much research I found Mal's and thought it would be a good fit bc contrary to just Paypal alone...I could offer coupons and discount codes. I don't know now...I may just forget about it and use paypal alone or fork over a monthly fee for a cart that is easier to add the shipping options I need. But I really wanted to be able to offer coupons and discounts. :(

    For some reason I'm not understanding the arrays (tables I guess), bands, and zones....I don't know why bc I can usually figure stuff like this out. I'm not so technical that I'm a web developer who writes HTML code or CSS but I'm more technical than your average bear. I'm sorry Alan, but I've literally been sitting here a good hour staring at your example and clicking back to the shipping table trying to understand all this. Maybe I am more of a visual learner. If I saw an example of the table or array filled in and then translated maybe that would be easier for me to understand.

    You said....You want 1.67, 1.4 or 1.3 so your choice would be a compromise....but I don't know where you got these numbers from? I'm clueless. And does Units mean the quantity that I sell of each item or the price that I've assigned to it minus the shipping...or the shipping cost itself? The shipping that I have assigned to each product includes the cost of processing I've came up with ....which is why each products shipping is not necessarily the "real time" shipping of the carrier....It is also based on weight so yes if a person orders two or more of the same thing or a different product an additional shipping charge will be added to the order total. I'm calculating shipping for each product. I also have 20 items in my store that each will need to have a standard shipping and express shipping option. Can I even do this with Mal's since there are only 5 spots to notate my shipping preferences. I hope I was clear enough in my response to you.

    In the mean time I'm going to check out the website you said has the shipping info on it and see if it brings clarity to the situation. Thanks so much!