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Re:Standard and Express Shipping for Each Item

    Sep 04 2011 00:42:56



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    Alan thanks so much for all your help and the link! You saved me!!! I took a step back to breathe and give oxygen to my brain cells and now I think I thoroughly comprehend everything! The link is SOOOO helpful and should be somewhere in the Cart Admin.

    So this is what I plan on doing. I plan to use option 7 with my units=weight. I'm using oz (ounces) but I don't think that matters. The only thing I still need is the capability to have Free Shipping for any order over $60...but I don't think that can be done in the Standard shipping since not more than one feature can be applied to the option. Can this be done in Advanced Shipping with a Premium Account? I only have 4 zones and still have one left but to my knowledge I can't apply a Free Shipping for orders over $60 bc that would be units=price which conflicts with my specification of units=weight...right? (I am leaving the box unchecked) If there is a way this can be done I would like to know.

    Also I would like for you to double check if I am comprehending the way I setup my shipping correctly. My weight is in oz.

    Domestic Shipping and Handling
    Up to 2 4
    the next 2 -2
    the next 4 1
    the next 4 4
    the rest 0

    So I think I am correct in thinking the way I set this up means any oz up to 2 oz is $4, the next 2 oz (which is my 4 oz product) is $2, the next 4 oz (8 oz product) is $3, the next 4 oz (my 12 oz product) is $7, and anything larger than 12 oz is $7. Should I eliminate the 4th row that says "the next 4.....4", leave it blank and just fill in the last row that says the rest....4? I'm not sure.

    This is what I'm trying to accomplish. I have 8 products weights:

    This shipping is as follows for each:

    .5, 1, 2 oz-$4
    4 oz-$2
    8 oz -$3
    12 oz-$7
    16 oz-$ 7
    32 oz-$7