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Re:Standard and Express Shipping for Each Item

    Sep 04 2011 10:04:33



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    Alan hope you're still online...but if not I guess I'll wait till you get back or post another question...I'm shooting to have this done and configured by tomorrow.

    I wasn't sure about that free shipping over "x" option at the top of the page and how it might work with the different options or if it did at all....or if it worked independently of any of the option selections. So if I put in that box at the top of the page, free shipping over $60 will it work even though I will be using option 7 based on units=weight. If not...that's fine...I will just not have free shipping for the time being.

    I'm not sure I follow your example so I will try to put my example again because I need to make sure I am doing it right and end up with the right cost of shipping before I do it....I think I follow your example but I just want to make sure. I think you misread my negative 2 (-2) on row two which threw off your calculation....but following your math it looks like I did it right. From what I've read in the link you in your signature I think I can use negative numbers in the cost field. Please correct me if I am wrong. I need the cost of shipping to end up being this:

    .5, 1, 2 oz-$4
    4 oz-$2
    8 oz -$3
    12 oz-$7
    16 oz-$ 7
    32 oz-$7

    So am I correct with the following table?

    Domestic Standard shipping
    Up to 2...........4
    the next 2.......... -2 (<---I'm not sure if using this negative 2 will end up equaling $2...but that's what I'm going for)
    the next 4.......... 1
    the next 4...........4
    the rest 0 (<---not sure about this row either...I just need everything over 12 oz to equal $7)