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Re:Standard and Express Shipping for Each Item

    Sep 04 2011 18:36:46



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    Ahhhh....thanks Alan for pointing that out...I see what you're saying...I thought it would just charge the $4 for the 2 oz twice for each of them...This is important that for each of the weights I assign to each product it charges the shipping for each...even if multiples of a product are purchased

    So from what you've revealed to me if someone buys 2 8 oz it will charge $7 for shipping instead of $6...(duh bc it's set to charge by weight)...oh my...I think I may need to rethink this thing or may need to check the units=price box and upgrade to premium because I will need more than 5 rows...actually I will need 20 rows for all of my products in my store

    ETA...on second thought I should be fine bc I am shipping by weight anyways...I just need to adjust the shipping cost on the 2 oz and I should be fine...

    I am still unclear on if the Free Shipping over "x" at the top of the page will work simultaneously with option 7?