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Re:HTML Add to Cart Buttons Not Showing Up in Internet Explorer Only

    Sep 07 2011 09:44:22



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    Alan I have to tell have been quite a lifesaver for me the past few days. I really do feel like I owe you BIGGGGGG!!!!!! I took your suggestion and changed my picture to a .jpg but that in and of itself did not wk when inputting it into the button maker. Then I tried your code you suggested and it worked but it showed up huge, distorted, and cut then I just ended up playing with the variables a bit until it was the approx width and height I approved of....this is what I used.... <input type="image" src="";;; height="35" width="155" Alt="Add to Cart">....

    IT WORKS IN ALL 4 BROWSERS!!!! Thank you SOOOOO much! I would have never known about that IE glitch if I wouldn't have asked a friend of mine to check out my site progress and said there were no buttons as she was in IE....LESSON LEARNED....CHECK ALL BROWSERS FOR COMPATIBILITY BEFORE GOING LIVE!!!

    Thanks again Alan!

    Thanks GT for your response as well.

    Blessings to all!!!!