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    Jan 05 2009 07:20:04



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    Hi all

    I sell "PRODUCT X" and am wanting to create a report of all orders that feature "PRODUCT X" on a certain day.

    My initial thinking would be to first filter the results using the filter builder - and then go ahead and apply a report to this filtered view which I could print.

    Unfortunately I can't see the option on Filter Builder to search by product.
    Ideally I'd be wanting create the query "PRODUCT = PRODUCT X" but the product field isn't available in Filter Builder ?

    Any ideas


    Jan 07 2009 11:33:37



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    Just an update - this can't be done with mOrders ...

    Jan 07 2009 20:33:43



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    Suggestion...Use Mal's remote call to store order details in a database, then query the database to create a report. As an alternative you could use Google Analytics (not as flexible, but doesn't require any programming).

    Mar 28 2009 14:58:37



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    Anon's idea is probably better; there's another work around.

    Actions | Reports | click on Items Export | preview | print (setting printer as print to file)

    There's a toolbar link straight to Reports, or rather a slightly separate bit of software called Report Explorer which has to be turned off after use.

    Items Export is one of the default reports but you can edit the filters.
    Preview is easy to miss. It's one stripe down from the top, the second of two tabs; design view is default.
    Print will call-up whatever printer driver you use, and somewhere there will probably be a print to file option.
    If you haven't already filtered out products you want, you'll need some way of putting the text into a spreadsheet and listing in alphabetical order.

    I remember being quite pleased to discover this but forget why I couldn't just export items to a spreadsheet
    Actions | Export Items | use the dialog to decide what goes into the spreadsheet | sort in alphabetical order