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Required Fields in sign up form

    Sep 12 2011 21:14:17



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    Can I change the required fields in the sign up form? There are some customers complaining.

    Sep 12 2011 21:27:18



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    Which sign up form?

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    Sep 14 2011 05:18:54



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    Do you mean the titles of the main blanks ? then no they are set up
    under Cart Set Up / Customize / Required Fields. You can tick or untick what you want to be required.

    Also under Messages and general settings there is the Terms of Business you can decide whether to be required or not.

    And lastly, under Additional customer info in Advanced Settings, you can set up some and make them required or not

    Sherri Owen
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    Sep 15 2011 18:44:24



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    My apologies. I am talking about the affiliate sign in in MTracker, not customer information.

    Sep 15 2011 19:16:05


    Debbie Q

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    You cannot change the fields on Mal's but you can collect the information on your own webpage using formmail and then enter the information yourself onto the Mal's page.

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