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Re:Where is the CVV2 box at check out?

    Sep 13 2011 22:23:32



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    Hi Alan,
    I follow your advise and wrote to FastCharge Support Department and they came back with the same response than you:
    "These are questions you have to ask Mal about.
    He's pretty good about answering questions within hours."

    I am a little bit confused here, what should I do now?

    Let me re-write down again my questions in case they were not well understood:

    1- When testing my settings, my testing credit card number (5454545454545454) gets rejected because I make the CVV2 code mandatory in my FRISK Manager but, the problem is that eventhough the enablecvv2 form field is set to 1 in the setup page, there is no textbox for this field when the form requesting the Credit Card Number is rendered to the user so there is no way to get this number from the Customer.

    2- the "Review Cart" link just use my account id to open the shopping cart on the browser but, in a multiuser environment where several shopping carts can be open at the same time, how does the system keep track of which cart belongs to which customer? Should we use the session id in order to do this?

    Can anyone help me please!