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Re:Condensing Multiple Carts into One Cart

    Sep 14 2011 16:21:31



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    Hi there

    Your website is an old design, and as more and more websites go 'web 2.0' and all that, your site is going to look increasingly dated.

    Maybe there's nothing wrong with that - but one of the main 'reassurance managers' that people look for is that a site is actually still live. Your old design coupled with the year "1998" in the footer copyright might just be enough for people to think your site is out of date and no longer in use.

    If I saw a website dated 1998 - there's no way I'd leave my card details. A simple change might be to change it to "1998 - 2011", or just "2011". Or even "Prices current to December 2011" or something - that way, no one is in any doubt that this is a live and functioning site.

    BTW - on this page - you have keyword text in the same colour as the page background. This is a well known Google seo strategy that is very outdated. I'm pretty sure Google penalises this kind of thing and may be a reason your site isn't doing so well in the search engines.

    Personally, I'd suggest a fresh makeover!