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Reset button for cart page

    Sep 17 2011 02:57:24


    Evolving Door

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    I have a reset button for my order page, if the person changes their mind, but once they click Add To Cart and go to the page where their order is displayed and they can go on to the payment page, there's no way for them to clear all items. I have a customer who somehow wound up with multiple orders on the second page and can't seem to zero out the old orders. I suspect it might be a problem of not being familiar enough with computers to even know what she's doing wrong (it works fine for me on my computer). Having a reset-all button would really help in a case like that. Is this a feature that's available (and i just haven't found it) or is it likely to be a feature in the future? Thx.

    Sep 17 2011 03:20:25


    Debbie Q

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    They can change all the prices to 0 and hit recalculate.

    There is also a 3rd party script available for sale here.

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