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Re:One-Time Coupon

    Sep 22 2011 23:06:38


    Gil Sery

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    Alan said
    To provide a once-per-customer facility for known customers who have an account number with you you could use a bulk upload of coupons, and tell them to use their account number as the coupon code.

    That's similar to what I ended up doing. I couldn't do it by ShopperID, because for some unknown reason the ShopperID changes with every order. Some of my repeat customers have 3 ShopperIDs.

    I uploaded one coupon per customer on the bulk upload page, and then (since the coupon is as a reward for completing a survey), I'll ask each customer to call or email for a one-time coupon code that they can use on their next order.

    It's not exactly efficient, but I think it's the best I can do under the circumstances.

    Thanks Debbie and Alan for your help.