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Re:8 rows of products - only need qty of 1 in cart

    Sep 03 2008 21:17:38


    Maida Carpio Scott

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    That's weird - I lost half my reply after I previewed my post...


    This is what I am after, as per this website, - - just tick a few boxes for a bulk order, it lists each product on a separate line in the cart, but only has a Qyt of 1, I need to be able to use this with Arrays and Text Boxes.

    I have had a look at the source code, but it is such a poor layout it what?

    Be nice, I wrote that script - LOL! ;)

    It's a FrontPage website, so I had to work around that mess of a layout myself.

    It is basically a more elaborate version of the script that Deb put a link to.

    I did another version of it for MA! motherhood with attitude -