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Mals & Barclays ePDQ

    Sep 26 2011 20:03:43


    Mike Thornley

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    Hi All

    I have a project on for a client which is an e-commerce site (my second).

    I have recommended we use Mals and use one of the payment processing companies listed on the Mals site. The client has arranged a meeting with Barclays who say they can supply all the necessary payment processing including the cart etc.

    They have arranged a meeting with the bank this weeks and have asked me to attend.

    So what do I need from Barclays and what do I need to tell them to make this a easy transition?

    Thanks in advance. Mike

    Sep 27 2011 05:48:46



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    If you have a UK based premium account you can see the setup page under Cart setup / payment gateway details / epdq.

    If not, see

    The other Settlement option is 'PreAuth - delayed'

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Sep 27 2011 11:06:42


    Linda Haycox

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    I have interfaced Barclays ePDQ with Mal's and it is very straightforward once you have ploughed through all the documentation that Barclay's provide. It worked first time for me. Barclays ePDQ has many options and features most of which you don't use if a small business.