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Re:PCI compliance issue: suggestions?

    Sep 29 2011 23:01:20



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    Apologies Debbie Q - I was having a bad day and this is a very emotive issue. I will refrain from personal comments in the future. I have slapped my wrist :-(

    Back to the issue - it seems likely that different countries have different rules. Streamline in the UK require the cvv number to be input into the terminal when using Card Holder Not Present transactions.

    We process manually because, like TerrEssentials, we do not always know the final price and because we don't like charging customers if there will be a delay in sending the parcel. We charge on the day the parcel is posted.

    If it is possible to use a gateway and not charge the customer until we want to AND the charges are no more than we pay already, we would be interested. If either of those cannot be achieved then we will have to continue to process manually and collect cvv and try to be pci compliant - apparently a tall order.

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