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Multiple carts-1 Account & Cart Names in Acct.

    Jan 08 2009 00:20:56



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    I have 3 premium carts...all under one Mal's account. When I log in to my Mal's account each cart is listed with it's own name..and I click on the cart name to enter that specific cart. My question is... is there a way to change the name of each of the carts in my Mal's account? They were apparently name automatically but nothing that is easily recognizable. I'd like to rename each cart just so it would make it easier to distinguish one from the other.

    One cart shows name as my site's keywords.
    The other cart shows name as my carts user-ID
    The third cart shows name as the url of the website.

    Not sure if everyone knows what I'm talking about would be those who would have more than one cart with both registered under one Mal's Login ID who may understand what I'm referring to.

    I want to change the names of the carts so it would make it easier to spot when logging into each individual cart.


    Jan 08 2009 18:29:19


    Debbie Q

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    I think it uses the name written under Company or Organisation in the business details section of cart setup.

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    Jan 09 2009 08:09:10



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    You were right Debbie...thanks so much!! For each of my carts the biz name was listed but that it what was not showing. I just had to click the update button which I guess triggered it. Now I can easily tell them apart when logging in :-)