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Download Difficulties

    Oct 05 2011 15:51:46



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    Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to add the facility sell downloads, to my existing Mal's Cart and have a couple of fairly major problems.

    1) I sell "real" products which need posting, so I have postage tables set up on my cart. On my trial downloads page, when you buy a download, it still charges postage!

    Is there a way to overide posting on downloaded products?

    2) Ignoring that I paid postage, the rest of the system worked first time, I received an email with the links to my download files BUT.

    It would take a mastermind to work out the URL for all the files in the directory, so someone could pay for one file and download the lot.

    How do I protect against this happening?

    Looking forward to your advice, maybe someone who has the system working, would let me look at theirs.