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I can have access to cart code to customized to my own need?

    Oct 14 2011 21:21:35



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    My online store ( sells firearms among other things and I need to allow my customer to select a FFL holder close to their place of residence. The list have more than 35,000 names so I would need to create a scrip to show only those names close to the customer but I can't do that right now, that's why I ask if I can have access to the code so I can customize it my self (I am a web developer by the way). It would be only custumizing my stores, not to do any development for anyone else. I'm willing to sign any document of confidencialityif it necessary.

    Oct 15 2011 06:50:28



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    All Mal's does is to process the order details, product/price/quantity/tax/shipping and payment method. Anything else is under your control.

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