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mOrders onto new computer

    Oct 15 2011 17:38:12



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    I just purchased a new computer and successfully downloaded the mOrders program to it; however, when I pressed the download button in the mOrders program, nothing happens. That is I did not get my orders downloaded from Mal's. I guess that is ok because all my orders are not still in Mal's.

    I still have my other computer with orders that have been downloaded into mOrders. How do I get my orders from my old computer into my new computer?

    Oct 16 2011 00:10:12



    Join date : 2011-07-14      Posts : 51

    I made a backup from my old computer and tried to use it to restore my new computer. I could not figure how it works so I restored my old computer to SEE how backup works and PRESTO the backup entered all blank data. NOW I HAVE NOTHING.

    I don't understand the blank restore because the size of the backup file looks large enough to have the data for the amount of orders I have.

    Oct 26 2011 04:10:13



    Join date : 2011-07-14      Posts : 51

    With help from Mal, situation solved. i had to reenter my payment password after backup removed it.