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mOrders - downloading orders

    Oct 19 2011 02:21:42



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    I am having a real bad time with mOrders and I really need help.

    1) I backed up my old and tried to restore on my new computer but nothing happened. As a test, I tried to restore my old computer with the backup but the backup restored blanks and I lost all my orders. This is hard to comprehend since the backup file shows considerable kb when listed in Windows Explorer.
    2) I can't download orders from Mal's into my old or new computer.
    3) I was using the free version for the above so I thought by registering for the pay version, things may work better but I am still unable to download.
    4) My user name and password for mOrders is the same as my user name and password for my cart.

    I hope someone can help with getting the data from the backup file or at least helping with downloading.

    Oct 26 2011 04:06:20



    Join date : 2011-07-14      Posts : 51

    The problem is with the backup routine. The routine removes the payments password so it has to be re-entered.