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ProductCode in MOrders Ver 4

    Jan 09 2009 02:39:09


    Michael Schwab

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    Is there a way to get the ProductCode Items #'s to come up on DBPipeline Orders in Preview for Invoice printouts? They come up in my email order copy, but I'd like to have the customer have that info for future references and to match up items in their package, upon receipt.

    Thanks in Advance!


    Jan 09 2009 15:36:55



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    1) Click on SubReport1:DBPipelineItems tab at bottom
    2) Click on DBPiplineItems under DBPipelineOrders in the DataTree on right
    3) Find ProductCode in the list below, click and drag it to the Items Subreport.
    4) Format the Items Subreport as appropriate
    5) Save