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mOrders to Quickbooks on a Mac

    Jan 09 2009 06:02:46


    Marija MIkolajczak

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    Mal's is no longer supporting the Quickbooks downloader, and it seems Traxian only works for PC, so what should Mac users do? (Leopard)

    Mar 22 2009 17:37:00


    Sandi Myers

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    Did you receive any info about your question? We are researching coverting to mac from pc - and I want to make sure that all of my orders will transfer to Quickbooks.


    Sep 01 2010 13:16:13



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    Is there any update on this issue? With so many people switching from Windows to Mac I wonder why this segment is being ignored. I was using Qucikbooks w/Parallels but it was slow and horrible. I changed to Quickbooks for Mac (which is fabulous and better than the Windows version) and am back to the old days of manually inputting everything - why must this be?