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PCI Compliance

    Nov 15 2011 16:52:26



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    I know this sort of thing has been asked but can't find any posts now.

    We have compliance with MacAfee via Mals and have gone through all the questionnaires and had the level 3+ venerabilities corrected.

    Streamline are now asking for a certificate to be uploaded to their site. If we upload then it is free. If we don't then we need to pay them 30 a year but in the small print there is an extra charge - if they scan the site and find a venerability they charge an extra 40.

    I object to paying for something to the bank that has been invented by the bank and that I already have anyway.

    Has anyone gone through this yet? Has anyone else had this letter from streamline? Has anyone else managed to get the certificate from MacAfee?

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