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    Nov 23 2011 15:50:12



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    Does anybody know if the bulk mail app Mailchimp can be connected to Mal's? I haven't asked the Mailchip guys yet, the only message I found about this was "we are working on it", and that was three years ago.

    Maybe some of you use Mailchimp with Mal's?


    Nov 23 2011 16:11:54



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    Mal's doesn't keep too much info onsite, you're best downloading all customer info to your system and running whatever from there.

    I think I've got a mass emailer program that uses a flat based file or csv to import an email list from, works very well.

    Email me from the forms site if you want info.

    Having trouble with a form or need one building?
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    Mal's Forms / Scripts and the syntax are here.

    Nov 24 2011 10:02:45



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    Thanks GT. I have noticed that Mailchimp offers an API so I will probably will use that for the connection between my CRM system and Mailchimp.

    Thanks again for your reply!