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Ideas for the future

    Nov 24 2011 10:03:50



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    I am very, very happy with Mal's E-commerce. I think this is a one of a kind shopping cart system that is hard to beat in terms of being easy to set up and managing the cart. Also the support is fantastic, both through email and this forum.

    There are some things on my wish list for the future that I'd like to share with other users. Maybe we can make this an ongoing topic with ideas for Mal to improve the product even more. Not sure if Mal reads this ;-) but here are my ideas to improve the product:

    - Only show a different shipping address if a customer wants to use one (by clicking a checkbox).

    - If a customer wants to pay through a payment provider and selects that payment option, there is an additional page with only a 'continue' button before going to the actual payment provider platform. It would be good if we can get rid of this page.

    - Besides adding a trashcan icon (which is great) it would be good to have a 'recalculate' item next to the quantity boxes as well. This will avoid the need to go to the bottom of the page and click on the 'recalculate' button.

    - Mark the different steps in the checkout. I know from Mal that this is hard to do in the current set up but I thought I'd put this on the wish list anyway. :-) With marking the different steps, customers will know when they actually place the order. In some countries this is even mandatory for a shopping cart.

    Contributions from other users to this topic are welcome!


    Nov 25 2011 23:07:43


    Nigel B

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    I would like to see the "Postal or Zip Code" an optional / requirement for the shipping address separate from the billing Details.

    So many of my customers fill in their own zip code but dont bother filling in the destination shipping zip code, which means I am constantly looking it up for my customers.

    Nov 26 2011 13:45:05



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    It would be nice if it would be possible to hide the state (province) from the checkout fields. In several countries (including mine :-)), state/province details make no sense so it would be great if customers wouldn't be bothered with the state/pronice field.