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Re:8030 Communication Timeout Encountered

    Nov 24 2011 17:14:23


    Mal Stewart

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    There is currently a problem connecting to CardinalCommerce who are used by PayPal Pro merchants in the UK for the direct card payments. Some transactions are getting through to them but majority are timing out after 60 seconds. This started at around 11.00pm last night UTC (current UK time).

    I currently have support tickets in with both PayPal and CardinalCommerce but I haven't had any sort of response yet.

    You can try dropping 3D Secure by clearing out your CardinalCommerce account details from the PayPal page in the cart setup. I'm not 100% sure what impact that will have, it is possible PayPal may just decline everything but I think it may be worth a try.

    Mal Stewart

    Mal's E-commerce Ltd