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Help with shipping

    Nov 25 2011 21:44:07


    Mike Thornley

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    Just completed my second e-commerce site using Mals and Freeway.

    Really struggling to set the shipping the client wants for their product range, any help greatly appreciate.

    So as follows
    I have 16 products with shipping costs based on quantity
    1 to 3 items = 10.00
    4 to 6 items = 18.00
    7 to 10 items = 25.00

    I then have individual items with a set shipping cost of either 25.00 and 35.00

    So how do I get Mals and Freeway to work together to do these shipping costs
    For me it would be easier if in Freeway I could input individual shipping costs for each item, but I cannot see that this is possible.

    Thanks in advance

    Nov 25 2011 22:08:55



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    If each product is given its own shipping charge as its units value, then standard shipping option 3 with a cost per unit of 1 woould set the cart shipping charge to the units total.


    To achieve what you specified you should give most units a units value of 1. Use option 7 with
    3 _____ 10
    3 _____ 8
    4 _____ 7

    Give the 'specials' a units value of 0 and include the shipping cost in their prices.

    Some shipping help documents are available at