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Help With Shipping Problem

    Nov 29 2011 18:57:16



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    I am having a problem with trying to figure out the shipping options, i had a range set out in paypal which calculated the shipping on a total amount in the cart for example 0.00 - 14.99 costs 2.95, 15.00 - 39.99 costs 4.95, i have read various posts and a very helpful sheet on the shipping but i still cant work it out. also if i dont have a shipping option ticked paypal still does not add in the postage ranges i set. Please Help

    Thanks in advance


    Nov 29 2011 20:13:03



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    To do that in Mals you'd choose standard shipping option 7 with the units=price box checked. Then the order total is used as the units total.

    15 ___ 2.95 ____ charge 2.95 for up to 15 of order value
    25 ___ 2 ______ add 2 for up to another 25 of order value
    with a max of five possible charges. Or you could use advanced shipping if you have a premium account which allows more rows and charges.

    I used 15 rather than 14.99 because standard shipping limits you to four characters in the UNITS column.

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Nov 29 2011 20:56:42



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    Thank you Alan, all sorted, was having a bit of a dippy moment