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    Dec 09 2011 13:28:40



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    Is there a tutorial on how to setup and use a template. I would like to have a page called cart on our site but have the cart info in the content area.

    Dec 09 2011 13:50:52



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    also is the template view in mals "view shoping cart"

    Dec 09 2011 13:51:28



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    goochster said also is the template view in mals "view shoping cart" (the test cart view)

    Dec 09 2011 14:36:42


    Debbie Q

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    Using a template and having a page called cart on your site are 2 different things. The template just makes Mal's page look like yours by pasting your code into a box in setup. To have the cart open on your page you would use an iframe.

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    Dec 11 2011 01:18:47



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    If we have to have exact paths to the images in order for them to show then we probably need exact paths for css or any include files also???
    Exact paths for javascript or any scripting on the page? Sounds like I should keep the template fairly simple.. right?
    When I paste the template in do I copy the whole page.. html to /html ?

    Dec 11 2011 12:00:28



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    The template feature is enabled for Premium accounts only. The instructions for template use are posted on the relevant admin page. It is quite clear that the template page will be hosted on Mal's server therefore any reference in your template to any of your resources must be called as an absolute reference (what you term as an "exact path"). The instructions are also clear that certain special strings must be placed at certain places in your template in order for the cart to be displayed therein. There is also a 25,000 character limit. With these provisos, your template should be, as you say, from "html to /html"