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No Freight

    Dec 12 2011 20:06:44


    Nigel B

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    I am often in need to charge a customer a one off payment with out freight.
    I have read all the available and it doesnt seem to apply here.
    I use a premium account with advanced shipping and units are weight. I cannot use unit=0 as on all bands I require a minimum dollar amount.
    Is there a way I can email a link to a customer that they click on and pay that one single dollar amount, without even seeing a freight option?
    Thanks in advance

    Dec 12 2011 21:15:09



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    I agree it is difficult if you have something in the minimum charge box!

    But you could leave it empty and change your tables so that the minimum value is charged in the first row.

    Using a units value of 0 would then be effective.

    Some shipping help documents are available at