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Re:Scode with add multi

    Jan 11 2012 20:13:40


    Danielle F

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    We have 2 types of discount, buy bulk for 5% off etc or enter a code for a specific discount.

    Code curb10 gives 10% discount. Trouble is I don't want people to be able to apply it to every product on our website, so by using scode I hope to eliminate people taking the code from one product and applying it to another.

    Test the code curb10 - it gives 10%
    However, test the code curb15, set up with the scode named curb and it doesn't work.
    I followed the coding advice on another thread to do scode1 scode2 etc but still no joy.

    Alan said If I buy 10 of the first item, no discount.
    If I buy 20 I receive 5%.
    If I buy 10 of the first and10 of the second, again 5%.
    What are you expecting to happen?

    In passing, the cart referred to lead times - which I didn't see on the product page.