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Order Management System

    Jan 24 2012 03:18:41



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    Is there a good order management system to use with Mal's? I know there's mOrders, but I'm looking for something a little different. Ideally, I'd like something where I can set up templates for emails, so that when I send somebody a tracking number, I can just plug it in to the program, and it will pull that tracking number and address and other fields, put them into the email where I've specified, and then I can just hit send.

    Right now, I manually pull all that stuff and input into templates I've set up in GMail. I've tried AdvancedReceipts, but that doesn't work worth anything, and I can't even figure out how to sign up for LeadzServ, much less actually use it.

    Jan 28 2012 18:14:51



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    maybe you could create a macro to copy and paste this info automatically to speed up your time...