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mOrders downloads incomplete data

    Jan 16 2009 08:11:26



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    I'm attempting to download our daily orders into mOrders.

    mOrders would say as per normal - "Downloading 26 orders / transferring to
    Database" ... except the orders don't download.

    Clicking the download button in mOrders again - the same message would

    Except this time - the orders partially download ... order data on the left
    side of the screen ( Orders / Invoice / Shipping / Amounts / Payment etc. )
    downloads but none of the actual order details ( bottom right of the
    screen - QTY / PRODUCT CODE / PRODUCT etc ) download ...

    Clicking the download button again shows a reduced number of orders to
    download ... "Downloading 15 orders / transferring to Database" and again
    the same happens - either nothing downloads or they partially download
    without the actual order data.

    This happened at the start of the year too - but at the time appeared to be related to a single order which appeared to be 'stuck' in the download queue - after manually deleting the offending order via the admin interface - the balance of the orders downloaded correctly.

    But the problem has now re-surfaced and causing havoc with our work flow. We are running version 4.18

    Any ideas ?