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Re:Move PayPal Express

    Jan 27 2012 09:01:32


    Mal Stewart

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    I've been trying to get clarification from PayPal on this issue. Basically what they are saying is that no, the EC button is not technically required, but if I remove it then I could loose the "certified solution" for Mal's E-commerce:

    Hi Mal,

    I apologize for any miscommunication here. EC is required as part of Website Payments Pro. If Pro is implemented without EC, the merchant is subject to higher rates imposed by PayPal. If the merchant doesn't want EC at all (and doesn't have Pro), then I would advise to turn it off.

    As part of EC, there are 2 buttons; 1) EC Shortcut on the Shopping Cart page and 2) EC Mark on the Payment Methods page, as indicated in this guide below. This is our best practices implementation. If EC is not implemented in this fashion, it is not a certifiable integration. That is why I would strongly advise against removal of the button on that page. Technically, yes, you can move the button, but there are possible implications and just want you to be aware of the risks associated with this: 1) No certification would be awarded 2) This button has proven to increase merchant sales 3) If we were to move in the direction of only paying rev share for certified integrated products, then rev share would be impacted. This is something that is being discussed here in the US, but has not been implemented. So if this question is asked to one of our Customer Service agents, they would probably say "no", it's not technically required but as a partner, I want you to know of potential issues if the button was moved off of the shopping cart page.

    Also attached is our Integration Guide (see pages 35-39 for EC Shortcut & Mark implementation) from a few years ago. The requirements haven't changed since in terms of this button placement.

    As far as MTS's response back to the merchant, I looked up the ticket and also spoke with the rep's manager. I didn't see any indication of button placement mentioned in the ticket itself. Only the note issue was logged in the ticket. I'm not sure what was discussed over the phone.

    I apologize; I know you are put in a tough position. It seems like the merchant is unhappy with the note issue (and I'm still not sure I understand why that parameter wouldn't work), so if the merchant isn't using Pro, it might be best for the merchant to not have EC. Maybe Website Payments Standard would be an option?


    This is then followed up by another email:

    In addition, I just wanted to provide you with a link to the Website Payments Pro User Agreement, stating that if EC is not implemented as part of Pro, up to 1% additional transaction fees apply. You are correct in what you're advising merchants about the Pro/EC requirement. Any of our Customer Agents are trained on this so if wrong information was given in that regard, I can definitely have that escalated.

    It all sounds like a double standard to me. My inclination is to make it an option so users can choose to comply if they want, even if it means a risk of loosing the "certified solution" status.

    Mal's E-commerce Ltd