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Premium Templates & PayPal - help!

    Jan 27 2012 16:19:12



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    I have custom templates setup for the cart.

    Steps as follows:

    1 - Customer adds a product to the cart ... the shopping cart appears embedded within my site's template. All good.
    2 - They click checkout with PayPal button and are re-directed to Paypal
    3 - After entering their user details on the PayPal site - the form is populated by Paypal and they click continue
    4 - Paypal redirects them back to Mals shopping cart where they need to finally submit their order. This is where the problem comes in ... this particular page on the cart doesn't show the tempate ? Only the basic cart listing the products, the shipping address and the button they need to click to submit their final order.

    What am I doing wrong ? Why does the template not display when redirected from PayPal back to the cart ? The final confirmation page with order confirmation number displays the template without issue. Just step 4 above after being redirected from PayPal.

    Can anyone help ?