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remove comma from lines

    Feb 29 2012 02:01:41



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    when items go int the cart there is a comma in the front of them

    eg -

    Aviator Harness
    , Size - Petite
    , Colour - Grey

    in my code if I place another comma at the end like this

    <select size="1" name="product[]">
    <option value="">Size</option>
    <option value="{b}Size{/b} - Petite,{br}">Petite</option>
    <option value="{b}Size{/b} - X-Small,{br}">X-Small</option>
    <option value="{b}Size{/b} - Small,{br}">Small</option>
    <option value="{b}Size{/b} - Medium,{br}">Medium</option>
    <option value="{b}Size{/b} - Large,{br}">Large</option>
    <option value="{b}Size{/b} - X-Large,{br}">X-Large</option>

    it won't remove the extra comma because the the {br} tags, if I remove the {br} tags it works perfect.
    Is there a way around it so I can still use the {br} tags because there is another option box in my code that is displayed on the last line and it makes it much easier to read with all options on their own lines

    Feb 29 2012 02:28:19


    Debbie Q

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    Try moving your break to before the option instead of after.
    <option value="{br}{b}Size{/b} - Petite,">Petite</option>

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