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Help! Suddenly, delivery values not sent to paypal

    Apr 06 2012 11:59:28



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    Everything has been fine for about 3 weeks, then on Thursday we noticed the delivery values which are on Mal's pages where they should be but they were not appearing on the PayPal pages, also we are not getting Mal's emails confirming payment, any help would be appreciated.

    Apr 12 2012 07:27:57



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    Same problem here, Please help!

    Apr 12 2012 08:43:13



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    I would contact PayPal.

    What server are you on?

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    Apr 12 2012 09:59:58



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    I found the bug in Paypal:
    The box "Click here to allow transaction-based postage values to override the profile postage settings listed above" was unticked although it was ticked before, not sure what happened but the problem is solved now.

    Edit : I must add that even if you tick it and click SAVE, it will still appear unticked, you have to click on "use defaults" and save again.

    Apr 12 2012 11:31:52



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    Many thanks to everyone who offered help. I did eventually find the problem and MarcT (thanks) obviously experienced the identical problem and found the identical answer to mine, ie. an important PayPal setting had changed by itself. Strange.