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Buy button not showing

    Jan 25 2009 15:50:16



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    Thanks Neil. I'm out of ideas on how to fix this. I emailed Mal and he said that he see's the buy button also, and the page looks fine to him. Is there anyone else here that does NOT see the buy button on the page above?

    Jan 25 2009 16:39:19



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    I can see the Buy Button and have used it for a test, all worked ok.

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    Jan 26 2009 09:54:49



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    Also works in FireFox 3.

    Jan 26 2009 13:39:21


    Debbie Q

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    Today I can see the button altho the very far right of it is cut off you can see almost the whole thing. It cuts off at the explanation mark. Since your table and division are sized by pixels, my guess is the reason it did not show is the default font size set on the computer or the resolution. I use IE6, high resolution but my font is set as large font.

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