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Failed Transactions at Checkout

    May 01 2012 14:46:03


    Erica Ratcliffe

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    Hiya Guys,
    I have used Mal e-commerce for 1 year now on my christmasjumpercompany site.
    At Christmas as you can image were very busy, i did however have many customers contacting me saying there payment had failed.
    I think the problem was: when they had proceeded to checkout, on the first page there are asked for there delivery details and contact num, they then press continue and proceed to payment page, on this page they are asked for there card details, the card address details have be automatically filled in with there previous delivery address details. If the customers card address is different from there delivery address, they would need to delete the information and enter there correct card address. I think this was the problem,some of my customer forgot to change this information and there card failed. Is there another way in which the card details and the corresponding address is taken first and then they are ask for a delivery address if different from the card address.
    Surely this is an easier way of taking customers details.
    has anyone else had this problem :0( Erica

    May 01 2012 21:00:10



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    We don't have the problem because for our cart billing details and shipping address are on the same page.

    Try going to cart setup/checkout fields, and check the box that says "Ask for a separate invoice address" if it is not already checked.

    If that doesn't do it, it may be dependent on the payment processor you are using.

    May 02 2012 12:58:12


    Erica Ratcliffe

    Join date : 2011-04-25      Posts : 38

    Thank you anon so much, i have just done what you suggested and they are now appearing on the same page. :0) hopefully wont have any more confused customers this Christmas. cheers